MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: A leading advanced integrated security services partner that aims to make our world safer, smarter, and better

Meet Valerie Wee from Certis, a leading advanced integrated security organisation that designs, builds, and operates smart security and integrated services, augmented by applied AI solution.

1. Could you please share a bit about what Certis does as an organisation, the company’s mission and what the main products/services are?

It's a complex business but an interesting one. We design, build, and operate smart security and integrated services, augmented by applied AI solutions. 

For example, our customer might be an airport, or a large-scale mall. Our employees might be security officers who walk the ground, concierge personnel who help members of the public, or facilities management teams that keep the place going. Daily, it's a big operation with many of our people involved, so we would build the technology platform that works to analyse data, synchronise our people's movement on-ground, flag issues as they arise, and help our people solve problems in real-time. 

The work we do tends to be behind the scenes, but the outcome we all work towards is to make our world a safer, smarter, and better place for people. This purpose is what guides our business decisions and actions. 

We're headquartered in Singapore, but have an international presence that extends to Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, and Qatar.

2. Could you also tell us a bit about yourself? For example, your role within the company and some of the favourite things to do in your spare time.

At Certis, I am the Head of Employer Brand and Employee Engagement. In short, I look at how we can better attract the right people to Certis and retain those who’ll stay and grow with us. 

One area of my portfolio is how we design for and deliver the Workplace Experience. This involves anything from how we evolve our workplace to better work for people – both people and people leaders – for example, should we cater more social spaces rather than desk spaces given that hybrid work is here to stay. To what resources can we provide new joiners to the company to help them navigate their new workplace – from digital guides to water bottles (as we always encourage re-use rather than single-use). 

I love this area of work as it starts with what employees want and allows me to test and see what works best for our folks. 

Favourite things. I do spend a fair bit of time on Netflix. Who doesn’t love Netflix?

3. How has the experience been so far working at Csuites? 

So far, it’s been good. There’s thought that’s gone into the planning of the space. The customisable office space allows for greater flexibility to meet the needs and preferences of individual employees and helps to evolve the workplace into a more people-centered and employee-centric environment. I also enjoy the high ceilings and large windows, but I especially love the height-adjustable desks and use them all the time. 

4. Please feel free to share any other interesting facts about you, Certis, or perhaps any memorable event that happened since joining Csuites. 

Certis has a huge diversity of people who do all kinds of jobs. Because of that, requirements for the workplace vary from team to team. Think developer teams, to our command-and-control centre, to cash-processing teams. Naturally, we also have people from different backgrounds as well as living and family situations at home.  

So, we have Team Days for all our people who can work remotely. This means that teams come together one day a week to spend time in the office. Our people can then choose what suits their work best for the rest of the week. The amenities and collaborative spaces at Csuites help the employees connect, work, and learn together, and when teams come into the office, they have the freedom to work in a variety of environments and connect with colleagues in innovative ways. The office may be ideal for collaborative tasks like workshops or brainstorms, but you might want to work from home when you need to concentrate and deal with data, for instance.  

No two days are ever the same in Certis, and this keeps me moving forward, living out our Purpose.

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