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What is a flexible shared workplace and does your business need one?

25 Jun 2021

With employee wellness and remote work at the forefront of organisational concerns, many employers have found themselves expediting workforce and workplace strategies, looking ahead for an agile solution to serve changes in organisational needs while remaining competitive.


How to Improve Employee Productivity: 7 Ways to Increase Workplace Motivation

Improve employee productivity with these workplace strategies to create an environment that fosters collaboration, positivity, and success in the business.


Elevate productivity and connectivity with tech-enabled workspaces

Do you know you can increase employees’ productivity in a dynamic work environment with smart workplace technologies? Read on to find more.


Bridging the skills gap: Upskill your employees with these in-demand skills

For hybrid and remote teams, upskilling employees in a shared workspace is an excellent way to invest in the talent you have and even improve job satisfaction.


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: A leading advanced integrated security services partner that aims to make our world safer, smarter, and better

Meet Valerie Wee from Certis, a leading advanced integrated security organisation that designs, builds, and operates smart security and integrated services, augmented by applied AI solution.

2022SG PLQ Corporate Shoot 03.jpg

Lendlease first in Singapore to achieve three coveted WELL Certifications for its commercial office towers at PLQ

In a first for Singapore for a commercial office development, all three office towers at PLQ receive the prestigious WELL Core & Shell Certifications at Gold level. Csuites is a state-of-the-art flexible enterprise workplace located in PLQ 3, developed by Lendlease

Csuites with Talents-66.jpg

Finding your fit in the global business of sustainability

With multiple sustainability-related awards earned, Csuites at Paya Lebar Quarter offers its tenant businesses a smart and sustainable solution for managing your carbon impact and improve cost-efficiency.


Want to build a purpose-driven culture in your organisation? Start with fostering a sense of belonging.

Learn how a cohesive, flexible, communal workspace environment like Csuites can foster a sense of purpose among team members and rekindle a sense of community belonging otherwise eroded by the pandemic.


Is your workspace costing your business more than it should?

Explore how a flexible enterprise workspace like Csuites accommodates and scales as your business grows.


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: A market leader in trade technology that “trades for good”

We call Csuites “a place we like to bring our customers to”, says Siva Gunesparan, General Manager of Guud.


How to make hybrid work work for your organisation

With higher productivity and improved well-being thanks to flexible work arrangements, discover how well-designed workspaces enable hybrid work.


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: A pioneer in ultra-low power wireless technology and global market leader in low energy solutions

As Nordic Semiconductor expands in Asia, VP of Sales and Marketing, Bjørn Åge “Bob” Brandal says “flexibility is key.”


Workplaces Of the Future: how to think big while remaining agile

Learn how flexible enterprise workspaces can scale to fit the needs of both organisations and employees alike.

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At Your Service: Can approaching real estate as a service help future-proof workplaces?

Do smart workplace technology solutions hold the key for offices to adapt to the new normal or is a more human-centric approach to real estate needed?


What is a flexible shared workplace and does your business need one?

With employee wellness and remote work at the forefront of organisational concerns, many employers have found themselves expediting workforce and workplace strategies, looking ahead for an agile solution to serve changes in organisational needs while remaining competitive.


How a sustainable coworking space can make you – and the planet – healthier

The shift to a hybrid workplace model isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – find out why it may not be the best solution for people and the planet.


Uncertain Times: What is the key to retaining talented employees?

Adopting a culture of appreciation in the workplace could be crucial to finding and keeping talent during the Great Resignation.


Is IQ or EQ more crucial in the workplace today?

Apart from the standard technical requirements, hiring managers and recruiters are starting to seek out applicants with certain intangible attributes.


Does office design cultivate a more inclusive workplace?

From privacy corners to nursing rooms and wheelchair-friendly walkways, learn how modern office design shapes inclusive workplaces.


No more Zoom fatigue: how to make team meetings more effective

Between zoom fatigue, time-crunched colleagues and finding face-to-face time, good meetings aren’t always easy. Here’s how to plan a more meaningful session.


Csuites in PLQ: what does work life balance really feel like today?

What does work life balance look like, post-pandemic? Csuites sees work life integration and flexible workplaces as the future, making the vibrant precinct of PLQ its home.


The biology of workplace happiness

In today’s disrupted world, the Employee Value Proposition – how businesses entice and engage employees – has shifted. After a year of incorporating extreme flexibility, one of the most pressing concerns for leaders right now is how to encourage people back into the workplace to collaborate and innovate, while ensuring that the gains made in equality and flexibility are built upon, not lost.


The future connected workplace

In the future, the best workplaces will harness ever-changing consumer, industry, and digital disruption, to empower every employee to be healthier, more creative, and purpose-led.


Top trends: the future of workplaces

There’s a theme of questioning I get asked all the time, ‘What’s coming in the future for workplace? Will we even need offices? Won’t we all be working from virtual offices? I hate hot-desking, do we have to all do that in the future?’ Anything related to the future of working, I have probably heard it phrased one way or another.

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