How to make hybrid work work for your organisation

23 Dec 2022

With higher productivity and improved well-being thanks to flexible work arrangements, discover how well-designed workspaces enable hybrid work.

The three years have seen managers and employees embracing hybrid work and reaping the benefits of higher productivity and improved levels of well-being—all made possible because of flexible work arrangements that revolve around lives and schedules instead of the other way round. Learn how Csuites enables remote working with open-plan office suites and spaces for people to focus, collaborate and unwind.

The five day work week—a thing of the past?

If the pandemic has proven one thing, it’s the realisation that work can be done anywhere. Gone are the days when employees had to be tethered to the office five days a week. Even as restrictions ease and work-from-home is no longer the default, remote working looks set to stay. According to a McKinsey report, many companies, both large and small, are rethinking their post-pandemic office space needs by downsizing to smaller offices and opting for shorter leases1. In particular, small firms with lower headcounts have even shifted entirely to operating in coworking spaces. Flexible workspaces like Csuites provide a comfortable and conducive environment for getting work done, while letting employees strike a balance between working from the office and home.

It’s all about flexible working

This move towards a flexible, people-centric workspace aligns with leadership attitudes around the future of work. A CBRE survey from May 2021 found that while 47% of employers encourage employees to return to the office, they also want to give their staff flexibility in deciding where to work2Csuites supports this sentiment, with spacious open-plan layouts designed for both large teams and individuals that feature evenly distributed natural light, acoustic panels that minimise noise, and wide walkways for wheelchair users. Prefer to stand while you work? The adjustable standing desks let you work at a comfortable height while you’re on your feet. Need a quiet spot to focus? Choose a corner desk or private rooms that provide solitude and deep focus necessary for carrying out important tasks.

Encouraging collaboration, whether in-person or virtual

According to the same CBRE survey, hybrid work is expected to be the new norm, with 20% of leaders anticipating employees to work in office at least one day per week2. With some employees physically in the office while others work remotely, meetings and brainstorming sessions might feature a combination of in-person and virtual participants. These have the added challenge of ensuring colleagues tuning in remotely feel welcome and involved. Whether you’re planning a physical, virtual or hybrid meeting, it’s important to get your tech set-up right. Csuites’ fully equipped meeting rooms come with wireless touchscreen displays, ultra high-definition sensor cameras and LCD screens that provide views of everyone in the room and ensure attendees get to see each other. Double-glazed glass soundproofing, ceiling speakers and microphones add finishing touches to a professional setting, helping you generate ideas, or ensure that big pitch goes smoothly.

Letting people come together in a relaxed setting

In these uncertain times, the human need to connect remains strong. Even as companies and workers embrace hybrid working, events and social gatherings will remain a fixture of work life. Csuites has an array of multi-functional spaces that cater to your venue needs while maintaining health and safety standards, from workshops and networking sessions to large-scale townhall events. Feeling disconnected after a long day staring at your computer? Head to the communal spaces for some much-needed social interaction and to unwind. Pop by the cafe for a coffee, take a breather in the garden terrace or destress with a game, all while mingling with colleagues and other employees.

With over two years of remote working experience under their belt, employees have grown used to having greater autonomy over where and how they go about their jobs. With spacious, open-plan layouts for every group size, meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology, private corners and spaces to gather and relax, Csuites is here to support this flexible way of working.

When people have flexibility in working from home or the office, they’re able to organise their workday in ways that suit them, helping them work better and more efficiently. Come on down to Csuites today and discover how your organisation can benefit from hybrid working,

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