Csuites in PLQ: what does work life balance really feel like today?

9 Nov 2021

What does work life balance look like, post-pandemic? Csuites sees work life integration and flexible workplaces as the future, making the vibrant precinct of PLQ its home.

Our professional lives have undergone a fundamental shift since the pandemic, and the idea of work life balance has now evolved into work-life integration. Hybrid work models blend office life and remote work, and highlight a crucial need to build moments of peace and enjoyment alongside productivity.

Finding the right location for your office space is more important than you may think. It can impact your team’s culture, productivity, as well as their happiness at work. Plus, with human resources contributing to 90 percent of business operating costs, employee well-being is pivotal in an organisation’s success.

Csuites is designed for progressive businesses who are looking for a flexible workplace concept that is purposefully built for employee well-being and productivity. However, Csuites’ appeal stretches beyond its walls to Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ)— a precinct created with green design principles and a focus on community and culture. Thoughtfully connected to everything you need for a more positive working life, Csuites represents the shift towards hybrid ways of working and a more meaningful lifestyle.

Is work life more refreshing beyond the CBD?

Set in the heart of Paya Lebar, PLQ offers superb transport connections, liberating employees from stressful commutes to the city centre. They can enjoy easy islandwide accessibility with the East-West and Circle MRT lines, 21 bus routes and convenient expressway connections—at their doorstep.

PLQ is also incredibly accessible for pedestrians and cyclists as it is integrated with the green park connector network, enabling professionals who work at Csuites to live active, low-carbon lifestyles and commute safely and pleasantly to work.

Close ties to culture and a sense of community

Surrounded by four historic and culturally rich neighbourhoods, PLQ’s exterior and landscape design draws inspiration from traditional Malay motifs, while the public squares play host to local cultural events; within Csuites, scenes of heritage shophouses decorate the private phone booths.

From PLQ, professionals and visitors can easily explore the heritage zones of Joo Chiat, savour international delicacies at Geylang Serai, and soak in the eclectic atmosphere at Katong. Colonial-era shophouses, charming local businesses and enticing dining options provide a feast for the senses.

After work: dine, shop and play

With a curated mix of over 200 shops, PLQ offers everything from everyday conveniences to quality dining, shopping and entertainment experiences that enrich working life. So whether it’s retail therapy during lunch, blowing off steam at the gym or unwinding with a wine after work, professionals based at Csuites can do it without leaving the precinct.

Unwind and recharge in green spaces

In a world where missed lunch breaks and overtime are a norm, carving out downtime is important to prevent job burnout. In fact, taking short breaks from work throughout the day is crucial in improving mental performance, productivity, and well-being.

It was with this in mind that PLQ was designed with plenty of pockets of lush green spaces. This allows professionals to enjoy a change of scene and to enjoy a calming break amongst nature.

This actively green environment is a core element of the precinct and the sustainability efforts of developer Lendlease: PLQ has been awarded the highest rating in new Green Mark standards for non-residential buildings. Csuites itself is designed as a sustainable office space, encouraging its community to participate in waste reduction and recycling.

Work from anywhere

In addition to Csuites’ Grade A office space, the entire PLQ area is designed for the future of work—offering an ultra-fast fibre optic backbone with precinct-wide public WiFi to provide unmatched connectivity throughout its premises. So you can create your ideal hybrid work day and be productive anywhere—outdoors, at a cafe or on the go—without losing touch with your business.

So many elements of your working life—the nature of your commute; your ability to connect with others; what keeps you productive and how you restore yourself—are impacted by your environment. See it all come together at Csuites.