Elevate productivity and connectivity with tech-enabled workspaces

Is there more to a conducive environment than company culture? 

Maintaining a healthy business culture is generally a top priority among entrepreneurs and employers. According to a Glassdoor study, competitive pay and benefits aren’t the only things that keep employees happy. A dynamic work environment may be more significant than money when attracting and maintaining new employees.  

However, it takes more than merely spreading positive energy to create a productive workplace. Employees choose flexible work hours for various practical reasons, and employers can provide comparable incentives to encourage a voluntary and welcoming return to the workplace among workers. In addition, companies entice hybrid employees to come to the workplace by fusing the best of both worlds, community, and smart workplace technology. 

Practical workspace incentives and benefits do contribute to ‘good vibes’ as well 

While working from home can be great, there are times when it is necessary for a professional to work from the office. Remote workers face the risk of burnout and workplace isolation, among a plethora of reasons that hinder their productivity. Also, to have a healthy work-life balance, privacy, and to prevent distractions it may simply take a bit of time spent at the office for an employee to make the most out of their work hours. 

In such instances, access to shared office space benefits like private access can be critical. Csuites continues to navigate such a need through its provision of a 24/7 conducive working environment that remains accessible to employees, yet secured through innovations like an access app to enable keyless entry. As a smart lock solution, the access app empowers businesses within Csuites to grant their employees the freedom to access their workspaces via their own mobile-stored digital keys. Adding to this, Csuites’ cutting-edge video conferencing technology provides but another reason for workers to embrace the flexibility that our enterprise workspaces have to offer. 

Smart workspaces are built from intelligent design

Currently, not every space is optimised to ensure that organisations work ‘smarter’ and not just harder. Businesses need to embrace smart workplace technologies to ensure a dynamic work environment. Of course, they can partner with flexible workspace providers like Csuites, which feature intelligent and adaptable designs. These environments encourage creativity, contributing to healthier workplaces. 

To make this a reality, Lendlease Digital announced the launch of Podium in early September: a unique workspace management platform that sees its pilot efforts implemented within Csuites, at Paya Lebar Quarter. As an enabler of smarter workplace management, Podium empowers employers with the ability to design their own intelligent workspaces and harness the benefits of improved employee experience and effective cost management.

The future isn’t just ‘here’ — it’s now a practical reality with Lendlease Podium 

Lendlease Podium equips Csuites with in-built controls and practical AI functionality to detect space usage and adjust to demand. These adjustments include maintaining conducive work environments by monitoring air quality, temperature, acoustics across offices, and immediate recommendations to promote healthier work environments. There has never been a better way for businesses to prioritise employee wellbeing than through Csuites’ smart workspace management features. Complementing these further are the open office design that enables Csuites to maximise the flow of natural light into the room, giving occupants visual comfort and cutting down on energy expenditures.

Podium uses AI with practical tools to assist teams in meeting the continuously changing expectations of workers while providing insights intended to fill in all the gaps in data sets. These insights enable workplace managers with data-led insights for boosting productivity, morale, and employee cooperation. As reflected on the effect of work environment on employee productivity, William Ruh, CEO of Lendlease Digital expresses: “The previous workspace model is no longer sustainable, and we are all moving forward with dynamic, personalised experiences to attract and retain top talent.” Hence, these technologies are worth the investment.  

A good vibe is best when it’s shared in person 

While having the latest technology and smart workspaces to get the best out of your staff, there’s no denying how in-person interactions contribute to developing a positive workspace environment. Healthy work environments allow employees and potential partners to share everyday experiences. No zoom call or virtual place can equal the spontaneity that can be found within flexible workplace providers. 

Furthermore, Csuites’ shared facilities stimulate community events and incentivise workers to network across sectors. As a company that wants to remain in business and grow, a modern collaborative workspace is essential for creating a healthy and conducive working environment. Make this possible with Csuites’s smart workplace technologies.